Qi Activator

5 Minute Fitness for Body Shaping, Vibrant Spirit, and Beauty Inside and Out

What if you could look and feel better in body and mind, starting now, in just 5 minutes a day? If you don't have it in you to grind out long boring workouts you can get yourself up and running quickly with these specific movements. You will see your body take beautiful form and activate more positive energy in yourself in just 5 days.

Do you get down on yourself for not exercising enough?

Do you find that exercise, “just” for the sake of fitness is completely boring and the last way you want to spend the little bit of personal time you might get to yourself each day?

What if there is a way to be fit, feel good in your body, and truly enjoy your self care practices?

What if long tedious workouts are not the only way to health and fitness?

Qi Activator is designed for you to see your body shapeshift, activate your metabolism, and uplift your spirits in just a few minutes a day.

Get started now for just $12.

So what is Qi Activator?

Qi Activator is a digital program that helps you get fit quickly without a lot of willpower, time, or money. It includes:

  • 2 Qi Activators — 5-15 minute fitness routines (Metabolic Activator & Total Awakening) that can be done at any level of fitness from very out of shape to elite athlete

  • Beauty is in the Spine of the Beholder — metaphysical teaching from Nathalie of how the sequences “release” our inner beauty and open our minds from the spine

  • Bodyshaping Tutorial — you will learn quickly and simply how to lift, shape, and tone your body with simple movements that can be integrated into daily activities

  • Alchemical Breathing — the core breathing technique (simple) used in Qi Gong for total health and nervous system regulation
  • What is it for?

    Qi Activator conditions specific musculature, glands, organs, deep tissues, nerve tissue, and energetics of body and mind.

    Qi Activator enables you to have enough mental, emotional, and creative energy for good living, and to bring positive energy to your relationships and life through all the twists and turns.

    Physically, it is for graceful aging and body sculpting, and it builds:

    • Strength

    • Coordination

    • Balance

    • Agility

    • Grace

    • Muscle Tone

    Who is it for?

    This program is for you if you are interested in activating all 4 Levels of Fitness as mentioned above and using metaphysical and cross-cultural wisdom ways to do it.

    Although the concepts are for graceful aging and longevity, this program is meant to help you get fit fast--to see tone and shaping quickly, with minimal time and effort.

    • It is designed for all body types – from elite athletes to out of shape or uncoordinated

    • This is for you if you give yourself a hard time for not working out regularly and can't figure out why it's so hard to commit--(a little secret--I'm not convinced that long tedious workouts are the key to total health)

    • You are a busy woman and you take care of other people--the last way you want to spend that bit of personal time you get for yourself is grinding it out in the gym. Yet you know you need to take care of yourself and a boost of energy and vitality would do you wonders.

    Who is your Instructor?

    Nathalie Babazadeh, M.S. L.Ac.

    I am a shamanic healer, teacher, pioneer in energy medicine, and expert in personal transformation via consciousness and spiritual awakening.

    For more than 18 years of my practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve been helping fellow healers, community leaders, parents, mystics, and entrepreneurs resolve emotional patterns that block them from their true power so they can live successful, happy, enriched, meaningful lives.

    I don’t like to exercise, but I do like to be active and fit. I also love to feel really good in my body, and know that this is an aspect of personal empowerment and good living that CANNOT be ignored.

    I WANT to have positive energy for my relationships and creative life. I NEED to have physical energy to do potent shamanic healing work and to keep up with life in general. I created Qi Activator because I know I'm not alone---it's for women to feel good in their bodies, clear in their minds, and have enough physical ENERGY to live good lives.

    Just a few typical insights after starting Qi Activator...

    • "My days are so much easier if I just do 5 minutes of the practice."

    • "I’ve never felt this good in my body in my entire life."

    • "There is harmony in my house now. It really does feel like a miracle."

    Your questions answered:

    • How soon will I see results?

      Typically, it's just a matter of days! As your spine starts to align, just your posture can make you look like a new person--more fully in your grace, beauty, and personal power. As you open channels and stimulate hormonal glands, you will also notice a change--maybe in your skin, eyes, and musculature.

    • It won’t be too hard or uncomfortable for me, right?

      Absolutely not! This program is designed for people without substantial physical disabilities, but for all fitness levels and body types. You are meant to simply take the time each day with the sequences at YOUR level. Some people start with only one movement, and the body shaping tutorial. You will learn simple techniques that you can use throughout the day (even while brushing teeth!) that will start to get you results, and you will build strength and endurance quickly. My hope is that you enjoy those 5 minutes and look forward to them each day!

    • What do I need to start exercising?

      Just your laptop or mobile with internet connection and a beach towel. Access your personal online dashboard at any time, watch videos with the guidance from your instructor, and repeat the movements at home or any other place that you find convenient.

    • Can 5 minutes really make a difference? It doesn’t seem possible.

      Yes, 5 minutes will instantly reset the body from focused thinking, computer use, intense work or life circumstances, stagnant posture – so that things get back up and running. In 5 minutes you can increase circulation, clear congestion in the joints, train the deep musculature and coordination, reset the nervous system, or jumpstart a low idle on metabolism. It may be that you decide to do more – such as go for walks, take a yoga or pilates class, or start dancing… The practice is meant to open up your energy so you can blossom into things you love.

    • Will this help me lose weight?

      It can help with weight loss. Each body is unique and needs different things, but there are a few avenues of physiology in which this can help with weight loss – those being: stimulate the metabolism WITHOUT inducing or exacerbating adrenal fatigue, supporting the body’s self-regulating glandular and hormonal systems, regulating the nervous system, reducing emotional heaviness and behavior patterns, inspiring positive choices in diet or lifestyle such as enjoying more activity, regulating cortisol levels, and building muscle. If you want to use it to lose weight, you may choose to do 3 activations per day, and really relax into them and enjoy them.

    • Can I do it if I have an injury?

      You can adapt all the movements to suit your body and level of energy and fitness. This is about learning good body mechanics to prevent injury, move through daily activities with comfort and ease. It’s meant for lifelong balance, coordination, and agility. Chinese Medicine always emphasizes longevity, and seeks to make way for minimal suffering in aging.

    • What exactly will happen after I sign up?

      Once you sign up, you will instantly receive an email confirmation with a direct link to access the Qi Activator program at your convenience. If you don't see the email, check your spam/junk mailbox.